Tom Servo

If you have to have a hero, ya may as well pick a little, red, fireplug-shaped-guy. At least that's what my father used to say...

(311 kBytes) Tom complains about Joel's choice of words...

(55 kBytes) Tom: "Which word didn't you understand?"

(118 kBytes) Tom: "...the limited edition Star Trek Collectors Plates!"

(144 kBytes) Tom makes a plug for the United Sampo Union...

(40 kBytes) Tom: "That one was the grandest of all..."

(24.6 kBytes) Tom gets a little testy some times...

(23.6 kBytes) ...ok, he gets a little testy a lot...

(22.1 kBytes) ALRIGHT! He gets really violent a LOT!

(16.4 kBytes) ...but at least he feels really bad about it.

(21.9 kBytes) Tom: "So...let the carnage begin!"

(39.7 kBytes) Tom: "Oh, no! They're doing it clown style!"

(4.9 kBytes) Tom: "Hoo-Boy!"

(19.2 kBytes) Tom: "...I'm a bad clown!"

(60.9 kBytes) Tom: Complaining about a long opening sequence

(14.6 kBytes) Tom: "Does this bug you...?"

(18.4 kBytes) Tom: Tom chanting

(13.3 kBytes) Tom: "Don't mock me!"

(28.3 kBytes) Tom: Spaceship flying advice

(83.9 kBytes) Tom Servo: Phillips Petrolium Spokesrobot

(51.7 kBytes) Tom Servo: Phillips Petrolium Spokesrobot, part II

(31.7 kBytes) Tom: Making sure you're ready to go

(20.6 kBytes) Tom: Nightmare

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