Spectroscopy Homework Problem Set #1d

This problem set was developed by S.E. Van Bramer for Chemistry 366 at Widener University.

Questions are based on Skoog, West & Holler An Introduction to Analytical Chemistry
  1. What type of transition results in:
    1. Absorption of ultraviolet radiation?
    2. Absorption of infrared radiation?
    3. Emission of band spectra?
    4. Absorption of vacuum ultraviolet radiation?
    5. Emission of line spectra?

  2. Calculate the wavelength in m and the frequency in Hz for the following radiation.
    1. 2.75 Å X-ray beam
    2. 532 nm Nd:YAG second harmonic
    3. 0.04955 MeV gamma decay of 238U
    4. 10.6 um CO2 Laser emission
    5. 600.0 MHz NMR signal
    6. 2800 cm-1 OH streatching (IR)

  3. Calculate the missing values in the table below (assume that the molecular weight is 300 g/mole and the density of the solution is 1.00 g/mL):
    A %T e L mole-1 cm-1 b (cm) c (Molarity) c (ppm)
    0.256   14500 1.00    
    0.458     1.00 1.2x10-3  
      43.6   6.0   1.90

  4. At 520 nm with a 1.00 cm cell a 8.24 ppm solution of KMnO4 has a transmittance of 0.126. What is the molar absorptivity of KMnO4 at 520 nm?

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