Spectroscopic Sources Homework Problem Set

This problem set was developed by S.E. Van Bramer for Chemistry 366 at Widener University.


to introduce students to several common light sources



Newport Optical has lots of technical information on sources available on the web at: www.newport.com. In particular see: Additional information for the instrumentation at Widener is available in the shared files for campus cruiser.


  1. Look at the information from Newport Optical and compare the wavelength range and intensity for deuterium, quartz halogen, and Xe arc lamps.
  2. Which lamp would you select to use for a scanning UV/VIS instrument. Why?
  3. What type of lamp is used for the ocean optics spectrometer? Why?
  4. What type of lamp is used for the HP UV/VIS spectrometer? Why?
  5. What type of lamp is used for the spectrovision fluorescence spectrometer? Why?
  6. Find the table in your textbook that summarizes the different sources and their wavelength range

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