How to use Virtual Office Hours

What is VOH

VOH (Virtual Office Hours) is a web based bulletin board developed at
UCLA. The basic features available include:

How to submit questions.

Just fill out your name, your e-mail address, select public or confidential submission, type your question, and press the send button.

If you do not fill in all parts of the form, an error message is returned. Your question can not be submitted until the form is complete.

You can add HTML tags to format your question. These give special instructions to the browser. This is like adding bold and italic with a word processor. You do not have to do this, but it may help you phrase your question.

What is an HTML tag

HTML is a "markup" language that tells a browser what to do. Tags are placed within less than (<) and greater than (>) signs. The browser uses these "tags" as instructions. Most tags include two parts. For example <B>BOLD</B> is displayed by a browser as BOLD. The first tag begins the bold and the tag with the slash [/] is the end of the bold.

How to Add HTML to a VOH Question

HTML tags are entered directly into the question submission form. After the form is submitted the document is displayed with the tags. Below are a few basic HTML tags.
    >Break <br>. This tag forces a carriage return in the browser. This helps layout because regular line feeds are ignored by Netscape (like pressing enter for a hard return in a word processor). The <br> tag is equivalent to a hard return and it forces a new line.

  • Paragraph <p>. This tag is for the end of a paragraph. It causes a double return. Place the tag at the end of a paragraph like this. <p>

    and the next line will show up like this.

  • Tags for Text.

    Function What to Type in the Form Displayed in the Question
    Bold <B>This is Bold</B> This is Bold
    Italic <I>This is italic</I> This is italic
    Superscript This is <SUP>superscript</SUP> This is superscript
    Subscript This is <SUB>subscript</SUB> This is subscript

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