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Introduction to Paragraphs

This is my first attempt at making an HTML document. I am using a program called webedit to help add the tags and other information. This first part is a short paragraph that demonstrates how text will wrap as I work in the editor and then how it will be displayed by a browser. For example this is a new line. Followed by another new line. But it is displayed on a single line in the browser. Unless I place a line break tag like this
to force a carriage return in the browser. I will end this brief section of text with a paragraph tag that will tell the browser to end the line

Basic formatting

Next some formatting like bold, italic, superscript, subscript, larger font, and smaller font.


Next it is time for a short ordered list
  1. Where this is the first item
  2. And this is the second item
    1. Subitem a
    2. Subitem b
  3. And this is the third item

While this is an unordered list


Table Caption
Top Col 1 Top Col 2 Top Col 3
data 1a data 2a data 3a
data 1b data 2b data 3b
data 1c data 2c data 3c


And Finally an image of old main:

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