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Document Description Acrobat Mathcad 6.0 Mathcad 5.0/
Rounding A comparison of different rounding techniques. rounding.pdf rounding.mcd N.A.
Electronics A general introduction to circuits with resistors and capacitors. Includes RC time constants,and filters. electric.pdf electric.mcd N.A.
Stray light and Absorbance Shows the effect of stray light on absorbance readings. Enter molar absorptivity and concentration range. Calculates and graphs absorbance signal for percent scattered light. scatter.pdf scatter.mcd N.A.
Introduction to Chromatography Demonstrates the relationship between retention, theoretical plates, and resolution. Shows simulated chromatogram and chromatographic calculations. chrom.pdf chrom_6.mcd chrom.mcd
Nernst Equation Nersnt equation and the relationship between cell potential and concentration. Graphs the equlibrium concentration of oxidized and reduced species vs cell potential. nernst.pdf nernst.mcd N.A.
Introduction to FT-IR Introduces interferometer parameters that effect resolution and spectral width in FT-IR. ftir_01.pdf ftir_01_6.mcd ftir_01.mcd
Ideal Gas Comparison of an Ideal Gas and a Van der Waals gas at different temperature and pressure. gaslaw.pdf gaslaw.mcd N.A.

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