Statistics Documents

Document Description Acrobat Mathcad 6.0
Comparative Statistics Statistical comparison of two data sets. Calculations include; mean, standard deviation (population and sample), and confidence intervals for each data set. Then comparison of means using t-test and pooled standard deviation. comparative_stats.pdf
Descriptive Statistics Calculations include; mean, standard deviation (population and sample), confidence interval, and comparison to "true" value. descriptive_stats.pdf
Gaussian Distribution Properties of a gaussian distribution. Shape of distribution, area under distribution (integration and graphs). gaussian.pdf
Calibration Example Calibration examples with descritpive information. Includes; linear regression, uncertainty of regression, unknown, graphs, and an example of error propagation. calibration_sample.pdf
Calibration Lecture Based upon calibration example document, but with large fonts for lecture use. cal_lecture.pdf
Linear Regression Linear Regression calculations for a calibration curve. Calculates line of best fit, uncertainty of regression, concentration of unknown (based upon response), and uncertainty in calculated concentration of unknown. Data is graphed. regression.pdf
Multiple Regression Regression analysis using 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th order regression. Regression analysis performed using matrix techniques. For each order data is graphed with regression fit. multiple_regression.pdf
Standard Addition Example Document introduces standard addition using an easy to follow example (The M&M Mystery) and then shows calculations for a typical calibration problem. std_addition.pdf
Signal Averaging and Filters Shows the effect of averaging and filtering on the observed signal. User may set signal, noise, averaging, and filter parameters. sigavg.pdf