Tentative Schedule of DVMSDG Events:

September 10, 2018 Charles McEwen,
University of the Sciences
Beyond ESI and MALDI: Expanding the Reach of Mass Spectrometry with Novel Ionization Technologies Ron Shomo
October 8, 2018 John Mclean
Vanderbilt University,
High dimensional molecular phenomics in systems, synthetic, and chemical biology Kevin Owen
November 12, 2018 Caroline Johnson
Yale University
Identifying sex differences in colon cancer metabolism Yeqing Tao
January 14,2019 Gary Caldwell
Can Untargeted Metabolomics Be Utilized in Drug Discovery/Development? John Masucci
February 11, 2019Megan Matthews
University of Pennsylvania
Chemical biology to discover functional post-translational modifications of proteins Ron Shomo
March 11, 2019Jian Wang
Bristol Myers Squibb
The Evolution and Current Status of Antibody-Drug Conjugate Bioanalysis Xi Qiu
April 8, 2019Kevin Bateman
Quantitation of Therapeutic Proteins Using Mass Spectrometry Xi Qiu
May 13, 2019Vendors Night
Graham Cooks
Purdue University
Ron Shomo

Other Delaware Valley MS Events