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The ideas for this site orignated at an NSF Faculty Enhancement Workshop, Concepts in NMR, in the summer of 1994. I originally developed this site for a presentation at the 1995 National Science Foundation NMR Summer Workshop at the University of Rhode Island while I was participating in a second workshop on 2-D NMR. Since then the site has been expanded for additional talks given at NMR Concepts Workshops.

Based upon what I learned at the NSF Faculty Enhancement Workshops, I developed a new course in Advanced Spectroscopy, at Widener University. This site also includes experiments and data from the laboratory for this course.

This site includes

Use of some of the information on theis web site requires the use of helper applicaitons. These are already installed in the student laboratories at Widener. Others will have to install these helper applications to make full use of this site. More information about helper applications used here.

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