Analyisis of Proton NMR Spectrum

  1. Spectrum. The easiest NMR spectrum to acquire is the proton spectrum. Although we will not be able to use all of the information presented in this spectrum right away, start by taking a quick look at the spectrum for anything obvious. Notice the peak at 9.75 ppm, characteristic of an aldehyde.

    The proton NMR spectrum will display in this space if you have your browser configured appropriately. If it does not display see Information about helper applications or download the spectra from the links below.

    In the browser NMR spectra usually display with the chemical shift axis reversed, this is corrected by right clicking on the spectrum and selecting "Reverse Plot". You may zoom in by holding the left mouse button and dragging accross the area of interest. Return to full view by right clicking on the spectrum and select "Zoom Reset".

  2. To take a more careful look at the data you may want to download FID in Nuts format. This file can be viewed using NUTS (a demo version suitible for processing and viewing data is available) or the freeware program Mestre_C.