Interpreted NMR Data

Ethyl Aldehyde (CH3CHO)
Proton, Carbon and COSY.

2-Methyl-1-Propanol ((CH3)2CHCH2OH)
Proton, Carbon (decoupled), Carbon (coupled), Carbon (gated decoupling), Carbon (inverse gated decoupling), DEPT, APT, COSY, HETCOR and T1 Inversion Recovery.

Pamoic Acid
Proton, Proton (selective homonuclear decoupling), Carbon, DEPT, NOESY, HETCOR and T1 Inversion Recovery.

Step by step interpretation of Citronellal structure from NMR data including proton, carbon, DEPT, HETCOR and COSY experiments.

The examples provided here were selected to demonstrate the structural information available from different NMR experiments. The NMR spectra were aquired with the Widener University GE QE-300. This web page was designed for Netscape 3.01 with a 600x800 display and uses javascript. Viewing this document on other systems may produce unpredictable results.

Spectra are available for a variety of NMR techniques (About these experiments). Selecting an NMR experiment displays the spectrum, the molecular structure, and a brief description of the experiment. Selecting a peak highlights appropriate atoms in the molecule, and changes the displayed text. (The status line changes if the pointer is over a feature).

Nuts files. The orignal FID and the processed spectra are available from the Widener University Science Division FTP site. The NUTS files may also be processed with MESTRE_C, a freeware NMR processing program.

JCAMP-DX files. The original spectra are also available in JCAMP-DX format. These may be viewed with a plugin for Windows 95 or using JCAMP-DX as a helper application.

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