NMR Data at Widener University

This page contains NMR data from the Widener University GE QE-300 that was aquired for Chemistry 465, Advanced Spectroscopy.

File Formats Used
  • About File Names

  • FID and Spectra in NUTS format (Raw Data, *.fid extension; spectra, *.spc; and 2D files, *.2d). These data files are used with NMR processing software and allow the greatest control of the spectra. With the raw FID users can change processing parameters to enhance S/N or resolution. With spectra users can zoom, integrate, measure coupling constants, and determine chemical shifts. If you do not have NUTS, you may download a demo version that will import and process these files. After NUTS is installed, configure it as a helper application for files with the extension *.fid or *.spc. To use 2D data files you must purchase NUTS.

  • Nuts data files may also be processed and viewed using a freeware program "MESTRE-C".

  • Spectra in JCAMP-DX format. These spectra may be viewed in Netscape. These files allow the user to zoom in on spectral features and to view the spectra in Netscape. These files require the JCAMP-DX plugin or with JCAMP-DX configured as a helper application. You must download and install JCAMP-DX files.

  • Nuts data and JCAMP files may be also be viewed with SpecViewer, a freely distributed program for viewing spectral data. It is available from ACD Labs at http://www.acdlabs.com/products/spec_lab/exp_spectra/nmr/.

  • Spectra in GIF format for viewing in your browser.

  • Spectra in Replica electronic document format for higher resolution.To use the Replica documents, you must have a copy of the Replica Viewer for Windows (568k). or for the Macintosh (924k). After downloading the viewer, you may configure Replica as a helper application to view *.rpl files with your browser.

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