Exercises with Mathcad Documents

The following Mathcad documents help describe and develop major concepts with the Fourier Transform and with FT-NMR. Most have a series of questions at the end. Follow along as you read through the documents. Variables highlighted in yellow are supposed to be changed. See what happens. For more information on using Mathcad for teaching and for using these documents go to: Mathcad applications in Chemistry.

The Fourier Transform with Mathcad.

  1. Introduction to the Fourier Transform. (*.mcd).

  2. Fourier Transform with two signal frequencies. (*mcd).

  3. Fourier Transform with Real and Imaginary spectra (*.mcd).

  4. Fourier Transform with decaying signal. (*mcd)

  5. Fourier Transform Lecture Notes. Excerpts from above documents laid out for projecting in class. (*mcd)

  6. Fourier Transform Notes. (*mcd)

NMR Concepts with Mathcad

  1. Introduction to NMR (*mcd)

  2. Introduction to Quadrature detection (*mcd)

  3. Introduction to Phase Cycling (for quadrature detection) (*mcd)

  4. Introduction to Apodization for S/N and resolution enhancement. (*mcd)

  5. Signal Averaging. (*mcd)

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