Exercises with NMR Processing Software

MestRe-C, NUTS, Win NMR, or Felix


This is a freeware program for processing NMR data. It only runs under Windows 95. It works with Bruker, Varian, and Nuts files. It is intuitive to use (the simplest and easiest to use that I have found). It is sufficient for almost all student use. It does not currently support 2D data files, but there are plans to add this. I highly recommend this program.

  1. Open the program.

  2. Load a FID.

  3. All processing is done using the buttons across the top. They have pop up descriptions to help you learn which button to use.

  4. Baseline correct the FID. (Click on the button, then move the sliders, when you let up the baseline is shown drawn through the spectrum, after you have fit the baseline click OK).

  5. Apodize the FID as appropriate.

  6. Fourier Transform the FID.

  7. Phase Correct the spectrum.

  8. Integrate the spectrum (click on button, drag cursor across each peak, make sub integrals by dragging across one peak at a time, first peak is normalized to an area of 1.)

  9. Peak Pick (drag cursor across area and peaks in the drag box are identified, you may select multiple areas).

  10. Look through the menus for additional features.


Nuts is a full featured NMR Processing package. It is available in 1-D and 2-D versions. This is the package students use for data processing at Widener University. I have prepared two handouts for data processing.
  1. Detailed.
  2. Brief.


This is the Bruker data processing program. It is more expensive than Nuts, but if you have a Bruker instrument it is a good choice (especially if they included it with the instrument). The program will import file formats from some other instruments. A very detailed guide to this software was written by Bill Euler at URI and is available from NMR Concepts. A Demo version of the software is available for teaching.

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