Freeware and Shareware for Teaching NMR

1. Cool Edit

Description: This program is designed to edit *.wav files (sound files). Use this to demonstrate conversion from time to frequency domain. Produce different waveforms and Fourier transform to frequency domain. Features include: generating waveforms, filters, apodization, sampling rate, noise and acquisition time.

Instructions: Copy COOL134A.ZIP (693k) to desired directory and unzip file. From Windows Program Manager add cool.exe as a new program item. For the more information or the latest version go to the Cool Edit Homepage.

2. Speaker Driver

Description: Windows speaker driver that uses PC's built in speaker. Provides adequate preformance with cool edit for computers that do not have a sound card.

Instructions: Copy SPEAK.EXE (22k) to directory. Run SPEAK.EXE. Install driver from windows control panel, drivers, add, unlisted, browse, select directory with SPEAK.EXE.

3. NMR Spin System Simulator (SSS)

Description: Program demonstrates rotating frame vector model for pulsed NMR. User defines observe frequency, T1, T2, and coupling constants. The program displays vectors for systems with: single spin, homonuclear coupling, or heteronuclear coupling. Apply various pulses and observe system as it relaxes. Note: this program uses the left hand rule.

Instructions: Copy NMRSPIN.ZIP (148k) to directory and unzip. From Program Manager add sss.exe as new program item.

4. FTNMR Simulator

Description: Program written by Harold Bell to model development of FID and processing of spectrum. User inputs observation frequencies, relaxation rates, noise, signal amplitude, and number of acquisitions. Program shows rotating vectors as FID develops, zero filling and apodization of FID, Fourier Transform and phasing. Works for systems with up to 5 spins. Note: this program uses both the left and right hand rules for vector representations.

Instructions: Copy VTFIDWIN.EXE (380k). to temp directory and run. Then run SETUP.EXE from Windows to install program. Erase files in temp directory.

5. NMR Analyzer

Description: Program simulates NMR Spectrum. User enters chemical shift and coupling constants for up to 7 nuclei. Program then calculates NMR Spectrum.

Instructions: Copy NMR_AN.ZIP (108k) to directory and unzip. From Program Manager add nmr.exe as new program item. Copy VBRUN100.DLL (271k) to directory. (set your browser to save *.dll files)

6. Unzip

Description: Program unzips compressed files

Instructions: Copy unzip.exe (30k) to directory.

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