Electronic Structure of Atoms Problem Set

This problem set was developed by S.E. Van Bramer for Chemistry 145 at Widener University.

  1. Write the electron configuration ([Ne] 3s2, 3p4) and a table with the four quantum numbers (n, l, ml, ms) for the valence electrons in the following atoms:
    1. N
    2. O
    3. P
    4. F1-
    5. K
    6. Sc
    7. Br
    8. Br1-

  2. Based upon the Bohr model of an atom, what would happen for atoms other than Hydrogen? Helium and Lithium for example?

  3. Which element could have a ground state valence shell electron in the following orbital.
    1. 3px
    2. 2px, 2py, and 2pz
    3. 3dz2

  4. Make an energy level diagram that shows the electrons in the following: a) F b) F1- c) N d) N3- e) Si

  5. Use electron configuration to explain the following trends in the periodic table. Use data from tables in your book to produce a graph that shows these trends.
    1. Atomic Radius
    2. Ionic Radius
    3. Ionization Energy
    4. Electron Affinity

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