NMR and IR Spectra

The spectroscopic data is in Adobe Acrobat format. These files may be viewed with the freely distributed Acrobat Reader, which you may download from Adobe. These pages are designed to use with the Netscape plugin, but you may also use the Reader as a helper application. For more information about helper applications used at this site and instructions for installation.

The molecular structures are in Brookhaven Protein Databank (*.pdb) files. These are molecular coordinate files used for displaying 3D images. You should install the CHIME plug-in from MDLI to view thise files. The files may also be viewed with RasMol configured as a helper application.

The spectra at this site are from A Spectrum of Spectra and from A Spectrum of Spectral Problems and Supplement by Dr. Richard A. Tomasi. They are distributed by Sulbelt R&T, Inc, 1946 S 74 E Ave., Tulsa, OK 74112-7716. The data files are Copyright 1997 by Richard A Tomasi. Permission was granted April 15, 1997 to use these files.

Permission is hereby granted to Dr. Scott Van Bramer to place material from "A Spectrum of Spectral Problems". CD version, Copyright 1996 and from "A Spectrum of Spectra", 2nd ed., CD version, Copyright 1997 on the Widener University computer network. It is understood that access to these materials is to be restricted to the Widener University students and faculty.

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