Math Machine-2nd floor-right side machine

Look at the problem's picture symbols and match them to the numbers on the machine's keyboard. The buttons are numbered as follows:

0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7 (top row)
8-9-a-b-c-d-e-f (bottom row)

The lettered buttons are:
a=10 cubes
b=11 "
c=12 "
d=13 "
e=14 "
f=15 "

You count the buttons left to right, starting with the top row. Remember not to count "0" as number "1". If you had 1 cube on screen you would push the second button from the top left. Hope I am not confusing you.

There are several problems. These are only some of the possible ones. If a problem comes up that you don't see it and you can't find it in the examples below, just put in any number. A new problem will come up. You are bound to get lucky sooner or later.

I have separated the numbers with a comma to avoid confusing the numbers. It would help you to write what you see on the screen down on paper and also seperate with a ",".


Let's say the answer is 1,4 : push button that represents the number 1 and button that is the number 4. Don't punch the 14th button.

Here are the answers:

  7        C         2,4        5,C       D        F,F         3,E
+        -          +           +          -          -             -
  5        5         1,2         9,D       B        B,B         2,C
___   ____    _____   _____   ____   _____    _____
  C       7        3,6        F, 9       2         4,4          1,2

     2,7,0,F              1,B,4,8              1,F,4,0
  +                        +                        +
    3,D,9,6              5,3,9,B               5,A,8,F
_________     __________      ___________
    6,4,A,5              6,E,E,3               7,9,C,F

    5,8          E            5         D,A       6,C
 +             +             -          -           +
   A,7          1            4          5,A        3,1
_____      ___      ____     _____     _____
   F,F          F            1          8,0         9,D

I have gone back into the game and tried these answers. I hope I didn't make any mistakes. If you have any questions, feel free to email them to me.

Happy gaming and good luck !

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