3rd floor math machines-right machine

These machines are alittle more difficult to get because of monitor-display-color-differences. Red-orange and darker purple-lilac are the hardest to tell apart on mine.

Tip 1: think of these tiles as little flags. On the left side you have 4 vertical colors that are always the same: Blue, red, yellow, and white. This is where you will be able to tell red from orange. Next, on the right will be the body of the flag ( with a different color). This is the area where you need to look at to match with the numbering system below.

Tip 2: sometimes there will be a bigger block of the same color. This will mean a repeat of the same number.

Tip 3: You read the colors from left to right and enter numbers from left to right. With double and more colors I have used a comma to seperate the numbers to save confusion. You might also like to write down the numbers on paper and use a comma to keep from confusing numbers. This way you won't be looking for the 11th button if I wrote it 11 instead of 1,1. That's red-red on a flag.

This would have been easier to do in colors and not numbers. But monitor colors are different.

With tips in mind this is how I set them up:

Octal system:

dark purple=6-dp
light purple=7-lp

Remember to count left to right starting with "0"


The displays on the opposite walls (left side display) show you the symbols for adding and subtracting.

Here are the answers:

 2or            7lp       4gr,2or        3y               5b, 2or
+4gr           -2or      +2or,0w        -1r              -4gr,1r 
________       _______   ______________  ________        _____________   
 6dp            5b        6dp,2or        2or               1r,1r

 3y             5b              1r, 0w, 0w,   0w,   3y
+              -               +
 1r             4g              1r, 6dp, 7lp, 7lp,  7lp
_____          _____            ________________________
 4gr            1r              2or,7lp, 0w,  0w,   2or

 2org,0w                5b,7L           7lp, 6dp
+1r,5b                 +1r,0w          -3y,  1r
___________            __________      ___________
 3y,5b                  6dp,7lp         4g  ,5b

 1r, 7lp, 4g, 7lp, 7L           3y,0w           7lp, 7lp 
+1r, 2or, 1r, 6dp, 4gr         +1r,5b          -4gr, 6dp
__________________________     ___________     ____________ 
3y,  1r, 6dp, 6dp, 3y           4gr,5b          3y,  1r

 1r,  3y, 0w, 5b, 3y
+1r, 7lp, 3y, 4gr,5b
3y,  2or, 4gr,2or,0w 

If you have any questions or suggestions, or comments, don't hesitate to send me a note.

Good luck,
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