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MST3K is no more, well, there are the DVD sets...
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The bots are back!!!

Mike and freinds are back riffing big time movies:

Joel and freinds are also back:
Cinematic Titanic

Remember the MST3K web site at Portnoy's Complaint? Well, it's now on this server. It's a way out of date now, but here is a link to the audio files page:

OK, so you came here for audio files, well here they are:

These files are on an FTP server with a limit of 15 connections during the day (6am - 6pm eastern time) and 30 at night and on the weekend.

Please only download one or two sounds at a time.

I've split this page: 
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Season ten:

Season 10 theme (mono 11KHz WAV format). 986K 
Season 10 theme (stereo 44KHz MP3 format). 1432K 

Season nine:

901: Pearl to Observer: "You are so gay". 77K 
901: Pearl thinks it's cool to be home. 95K 
901: Crow is disappointed the characters in the movie weren't all killed. 26K 
901: How long is Limbach staying? 55K 
901: Limbach is staying for a few more days! 46K 
901: Crow is worried Limbach might leave early. 35K 
901: The bots aren't sure just how bad this movie was. 150K 

902: Gypsy gets upset over the guys acting like Andy Rooney. 200K 
902: It's the same as fishing. 52K 
902: This is just like 2001. 61K 
902: It's no fair to flash back to stuff we saw seconds ago. 44K 

903: A post-it can sense danger better than this guy. 33K 
903: Sound track by my little brothers Casio. 41K 
903: This is a test... 43K 
903: Constantly out of his league man! 20K 
903: Tom and Crow share an evil laugh. 88K 
903: Wool over his eyes man, easily bamboozled man, 3 steps behind man. 52K 
903: Crow resigns over this movie. 108K 

904: I am a full moon. 30K 
904: The Sheltering Sky moved quicker than this movie. 33K 
904: This is the 4th hair style since the movie started. 33K 
904: The very model of a modern man made werewolf. 27K 
904: He's a werecrow! 24K 

905: Mike has some movie advice. 32K 
905: This is a movie with everything, all wrong. 40K 
905: Crow decides to watch Mikes shoes for awhile. 47K 
905: The line about the dog. 24K 

906: HELLO, HELLO, HELLO, movie sign. 76K 
906: Welcome to tornado magnet trailer park. 28K 
906: Servo has a question about the characters job application. 43K 
906: The moment when uncle fester was created. 77K 
906: Crow needs to lash out. 85K 
906: Servo doesn't have any nuclear bombs, well, maybe just one. 163K

907: Pearl gets angry at Mike and the bots jumping on the couch. 643K 
907: Servo thinks he may run out of vomit. 35K 
907: Crow wants a law that films have to be made by film makers. 59K 
907: Mike wonders why the security system is never locked. 43K 
907: Crow also has a comment on the lack of security. 38K 
907: Servo wants to go clubbing, the director of this film. 51K 

Clips from the summer blockbuster review #2:

Bike gifting man. 40 K 
Trust no one, except these kids. 28K 
Did you feel the romance? 87 K 
Why you've got to stick to big budget movies. 119K 
Crow makes his own giant lizard film. 350K 
Another movie about a big chunk of rock. 90K 

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