MST3K audio files from season 8.

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Season 8 theme song (22KHz) 1,832K 
Season 8 theme song (8 kHz) 664K 
801: Egrets, I've had a few. 46K 
801: Mike just has to say something about Crow. 15K 
801: The new winch is much quieter. 138K 

802: Jody the nanites speech. 102K 
802: Joooooooodyyyyyy! 24K 
802: Nanite union chant. 28K 
802: Oooh that's good nypee. 26K 
802: Out of Africa? 35K 
802: Seamless use of stock footage. 20K 
802: There's our scene over there. 39K 
802: A Zappa reference. 61K 

803: Mile high pie. 165K 
803: Crow falls off mile high pie. 180K 
803: Crow falls (22KHz, 16 bit). 849K 
803: The bots get annoyed at Mike. 26K 
803: The credits erupt. 54K 
803: John Agar isn't speaking. 47K 
803: Filmed in wedgy vision. 20K 
803: The mole people attack. 104K 

804: Apes having problems with the bomb. 341K 
804: Mike makes a big mistake. 338K 
804: The apes are proud of their work. 47K 
804: What is a thermonuclear device anyway? 127K 
804: The Earth is no more, but there's still movie sign. 214K 
804: Filmed in bald spot vision. 18K 

805: Thank you movie. 34K 
805: This is the best movie ever! 73K 
805: The wind up... and the scream. 43K 
805: The closing shot. 89K 

806: Mike's feeling better now. 36K 
806: SLEEEEP! 22K 
806: The Corman theory of directing. 35K 
806: STAAAYYY! 24K 
806: Bobo likes his mayo. 88K 

807: Let the terror begin. 59K 
807: Still waiting for the terror. 61K 
807: The terror has been delayed. 65K 
807: Sorry, the terror is on backorder. 36K 
807: Movie is holding at T minus 10 minutes. 64K 
807: Filmed in black and less black. 39K 
807: Song: When I held your brain in my arms. 1130K zip file. 
807: When I held your brain in my arms (6 kHz recording). 716K zip file.

808: Mike, destroyer of worlds. 226K 
808: The battle of the mumblers. 55K 
808: Tickle me Carlo Lombardi. 121K 
808: I don't think Mike liked this movie. 68K 
808: To infinity and..... 58K 

809: Servo opens the floor to questions. 75K 
809: Captain James T. Jerk. 44K 
809: Ding, Ding, Ding, we have a victim. 22K 
809: Crow asks Mike to kill him. 38K 
809: Crow panics everyone by mistake. 501K 
809: Crow as a restaurant critic. 87K 

810: Go spiders! 129K 
810: The movie seems to be lost. 199K 
810: The backbone of a casino based economy. 48K 
810: This movie hates us. 60K 
810: Gypsy sings a lullaby. 145K 
810: Maybe Crow has had too much caffeine. 191K 
810: More of a minor spider unrest. 48K 
810: Where are the 'giant' spiders? 133K 
810: Crow hates when a movie kills off a beloved character. 51K 
810: Servo lists his underwear collection. 396K 
810: Packers! 38K 
810: The mystery scene. 80K 

811: Evil space kids send the movie. 96K 
811: A scary tape. 48K 
811: No happy ending for this movie. 80K 
811: Pearl's a bit mad at Mike. 55K

812: There's something Lavern and Shirley-esk about this. 29K 
812: Recorded on Edison cylinder. 23K 
812: Servo starts to freak out. 28K 
812: Servo freaking out part 2. 45K 
812: Servo freaking out part 3. 66K 
812: Servo stops freaking out. 30K 
812: Digitally recorded and then erased. 52K 
812: Part of the shick out of shape song. 137K 

813: A design flaw in Jack Frosts scepter. 80K 
813: Pig sleigh? 46K 

814: Mike cuts crows hand off. 170K 
814: Mike uses a bit too much baking soda. 447K 
814: Mike did it again, another planet is toast. 132K 
814: Crow is TVGM. 40K 
814: Not THE H. G. Wells. 31K 
814: Standard disclaimer for this type of movie. 70K

815: This is no bond movie. 85K 
815: Crow gets bleeped way to much to help Mikes case. 486K 
815: Bobo shows his pie expertise. 208K 
815: Everyone is 'out of order'. 103K 
815: This movie can be used to induce vomiting. 27K 

816: An exchange of deadly negative scratches. 36K 
816: The laugh. 44K 

817: Authorities don't know shinola from that other stuff. 32K 
817: The sodium song. 347K 

818: The Nanites have a "micro" brewery. 135K 
818: This Scene's going nowhere. 32K 
818: Servo says; Bite me, I'm a toaster strudel. (long) 135K 
818: Servo says; Bite me, I'm a toaster strudel. (short) 18K 

819: Crow narrates the war for Mikes eyelashes. 326K 
819: Let's get out of this movie. 22K 
819: Mike LOVES watching the kids in the movie run. 168K 
819: Not so much a 'space' chief. 93K 

820: We will be reaching speeds of 3! 31K 
820: Crow's on the edge of his seat. 92K 
820: Others that could have made a better movie. 108K 
820: Slab Bulkhead, Fridge Largemeat, Punt Speedchunk, Butch Deadlift, Bold Bigflank, Splint Chesthair, Flint Ironstag, Bolt Vanderhuge, Blast Hardcheese, Thick McRunfast, Buff Drinklot, Trunk Slamchest, Fist Rockbone, Stump Beefknob, Smash Lampjaw, Punch Rockgroin, Buck Plankchest, Stomp Chunkman, Dirk Hardpeck, Rip Stakeface, Slate Slabrock, Crud Bonemeal, Brick Hardmeat, Rip Slagcheek, Punch Sideiron, Gristle McThornbody, Slake Fistcrunch, Buff Hardback, Bob Johnson, Blast Thickneck, Crunch Butstake, Slab Squatthrust, Lump Beefbroth, Touch Rustrot, Reef Blastbody, Big McLargehuge, Smoke Manmuscle, Beat Punchbeef, Hack Blowfists, Roll Fizzlebeef. 10K to 80K each for these.

821: The bots play lost in space. 593K 
821: Mike asks Pearl why she is so evil. 177K 
821: You've got mail, pattern baldness. 38K 
821: Filmed in Vermont. 37K 

822: Crows' catch phrase: You know you want me baby. 19K 
822: The first slam on anteaters. 65K 
822: Another slam on anteaters. 44K 
822: Where do you want to go today? 51K 
822: Thrill as she thinks! 22K 
822: Crow is apathetic at this point. 29K 

Marty Schultz, MSTie #68249 
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