NIST SI Units and Constants

Statistics Handout

Using Excel for Statistical Calculations Homework Set 
Statistics Problem Set #1 Statistics Problem Set #2 Electronics Homework RC Circuit Equations

Frequency & Phase 2 (*.mcd) , ( *.pdf
RC Charging ( *.mcd ), ( *.pdf
RC Filter, Waveforms ( *.mcd ), ( *.pdf
RC Filter Function ( *.mcd ), ( *.pdf ) Mathcad S/N Simulation 

Signals and Noise by T.C. O'Haver 
Smoothing by T.C. O'Haver 

Brown Noise ( *.wav
White Noise ( *.wav
Signal ( *.wav
Poor S/N ( *.wav
OK S/N ( *.wavSpectroscopy Homework Set #1
IR Absorption

NIST Codata Calibration Lecture Sample
Standard Addition Lecture Sample
Calibration Homework Problem Spectroscopic Sources Homework Problem Set

Spectra of sources from B. Niece
Spectra of the elements from U of Oregon

Newport Optical Wavelength Selection Homework Problem Set
Melles Griot Optical
Ocean Optics Aspirin Analysis Homework Problem Set Spectroscopy Homework Set #2 Introduction to Chromatography Homework Problem Set Electrochemistry Review
Electrochemistry Homework Problem Set #2 , Due  4/16 
Nernst & Equlibrium Electrochemistry Homework Problem Set #3 , Due  4/23