Overview of MacNMR Software

The Tecmag data system used for operation of the QE 300 uses MacNMR to control data acquisistion and processing. This document is intended to be an overview of the software program.

Open the Software

After the MacNMR software loads, select a user file to specify the instrument parameters and initial settings. The opening screen looks like the figure below.


The dashboard window is shown below. The features that can be adjusted here include:

Control Panel

There are three primary control panels for the instrument. You can toggle between them using the following buttons.


The lock control panel, shown below, is used to:


The shim control panel, shown below, is used to:


The frequency control panel, shown below, is used to:

Pulse Program

The pulse program window, shown below, includes the following buttons.

Pulse Acquisition Settings

The pulse acquisition settings window, shown below, is used to turn on 2D acquisition and set parameters for 2D experiments.

Pulse Tables

To edit a pulse table hold the "option" key and click on the table. This will open the following window that is used to edit the table. In this window you may open default tables saved for different experiments. Table T1 is reserved for 1d experiments, Table T2 for 2d, etc.

Main Menu

In the main menu, shown below,

The script button is used to access programming scripts for AutoPhase and AutoGain.


The 1D data acquisition box appears as:

The 2D data acquisition box appears as:


For processing 2D data files that are sequential 1D experiments like the T1 Inversion Recovery or Pi pulse experiments, select the commands and then hold down the option key to select "1DFT". The following window will open.

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