Direct Insertion Probe for Mass Spectrometry

This experiment was developed by S.E. Van Bramer for Chemistry 465 at Widener University.


The Direct Insertion Probe (DIP) is an inlet designed to introduce high molecular weight compounds into the mass spectrometer. In this experiment we will use the DIP to introduce several different high molecular weight, high boiling point compounds into the mass spectrometer.


  1. Overview of the instrument. Introduction to the DIP controls.

  2. Calibrate of the mass spectrometer.

  3. Data to collect for each sample.
    1. Load sample into probe
    2. Program the probe temperature
    3. Insert the probe and begin run
    4. Collect a 70 eV EI spectrum
    5. Collect a 20 eV EI spectrum
    6. Collect a methane CI spectrum

Laboratory Write-up:

Your Laboratory write-up should include the following information
  1. An abstract for this experiment.

  2. The Carbon pages from your laboratory manual.

  3. Clearly labeled spectra for each compound.

  4. Analysis of your data
    1. Interpret the mass spectra of each compound.

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