Introduction to FT-NMR

This experiment was developed by S.E. Van Bramer for Chemistry 465 at Widener University.


Fourier Transform NMR is an extremely powerful technique for determining molecular structure. In this experiment you will obtain proton and carbon NMR spectra for 2-methyl-1-propanol (Isobutanol) and pamoic acid. After acquiring the data you will download it and process the FID on a PC.


Following the directions given in the handout NMR Operations for QE 300 with Tecmag Data System and acquire proton and carbon spectra for two compounds. Save the raw data and download it to the PC for processing using NUTS. Spend some time processing the data to optimize the phasing, S/N, resolution, and integration of the spectrum.

Laboratory Write-up:

Your Laboratory write-up should include the following information
  1. (5 pts) An abstract for this experiment.

  2. (20 pts each) For each compound submit
    1. An integrated proton spectrum.
    2. A carbon spectrum with chemical shifts.
    3. Assign all proton proton peaks and explain splitting patterns.
    4. Assign all carbon peaks and compare with calculated shifts.
    5. If all peaks can not be assigned, submit as complete an analysis as possible. For peaks without difinitive assignment, indicate possible assignments.

  3. (5 pts) The Carbon pages from your laboratory manual.

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