Spectroscopic Identification of an Unknown Compound

This experiment was developed by S.E. Van Bramer for Chemistry 465 at Widener University.


In this experiment you will receive an unknown organic compound. Using the spectroscopic techniques studied this semester (IR, MS, and NMR), identify your unknown and interpret the spectra. You may not use any spectral libraries or shift prediction software for this experiment.


You will receive 4 drops of an unknown organic compound in a GC vial. This is all of the sample you have available so use it carefully. You should obtain spectra from all the experimental techniques used this semester. Spend some time considering exactly how you will set up and run each experiment. Also coordinate your lab time and plan ahead. If the entire class is waiting to run the IR, you are not using your time effectively.

Laboratory Write-up:

(50 pts) Your laboratory write up should include the following information.
  1. Carbon pages from your laboratory notebook
  2. Clearly labeled spectra
  3. Interpretation of your spectra
  4. Identification of your unknown
  5. Information about your unknown from MSDS sheets and the Merck Index

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