Spectroscopoy Links

  1. Spectroscopy in the news
    1. spectroscopynow
    2. I-Mass.Com Mass Spectrometry Web Site
    3. Science (The Journal)
  2. Databases
    1. Integrated Spectral Data Base System for Organic Compounds, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
    2. NIST Webbook
    3. Thermo Galactic Database
  3. Government Labs
    1. NIST EPA
    2. NASA
  4. Tutorials
    1. How a Photon Is Created or Absorbed
    2. Chemical Separations
    3. NMR Spectroscopy. An introduction to NMR.
    4. The University of Arizona Introduction to Mass Spectrometry
  5. Misc
    1. NMR meets MUSICIANS Walter Bauer's paper on audio FID's with audio files created with a JOEL 500.
    2. Undergraduate Research. Learn about undergraduate research opportuinties and experiences.
    3. Web-Elements. An interactive periodic table on the WWW.

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