Bridgeweek HTML and WWW Workshop, 1997

The New Network: What Are The Possibilities

This session will demonstrate ways that the new network infrastructure can enhance teaching and learning. This includes new ways to communicate with students and faculty using e-mail, using the Web as a teaching resource in class, sharing data and files through the network, using a course web page, and other resources that will be available. Come and find out the possibilities.

Advanced HTML

This hands on workshop will introduce several advanced features of HTML. Participants will download and install several different applications for generating HTML code. After a brief introduction we will use these to create image maps, tables and frames. If time permits, forms and javascript will be introduced. The focus o this workship is to provide an introduction to these features and demonstrate some of the tools available for creating Web pages. Participants should be familiar with basic HTML.

Netscape POWER USER Workshop

This workship is for experienced Netscape users. The workshop will show you how to use features that extend the capabilities of Netscape. Participants will download and install the latest version of Netscape, install a plug-in, configure a helper application, customize the layout, manage bookmarks, and configure the cache. Participants should be familiar with the Web and already use Netscape.
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