Embedded Plug-in objects

The EMBED tag is used to place an object that requires a plug-in into a web page. There are several different uses of this in chemistry. But the most common is to include a molecular structure for CHIME. The most useful feature is that the embed tag lets you pass commands to the plug-in. This allows you to open a structure in CHIME and set the display parameters. For example the tag below:

<embed src="sf6.pdb" TYPE="chemical/x-pdb" width="400" height="300" spinx=60 spinfps=10 startspin=yes spinZ=10 spinX=30 spinY=30 display3D=ball&stick>

Will display as:

For a comlete listing of the embed tag options with CHIME see the MDL CHIME web page.

For more on the embed tag, see Netscape Embed Tag
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