Installing Plug-in's


The first step is to download the Plug-in application from the web. Do this by going to a site that distributes the program. For the latest version, try the vendor who developed the plug-in. Most of these are freely distributed.


After you download the Plug-in to your computer, install the program. Detailed directions are usually given at the download site. These will vary for each program, but the general steps include:
  1. First look to see what type of file was downloaded.
  2. If the file is compressed (usually with a *.zip extension), you start by uncompressing the file. For more information about this, see PKUNZIP.
  3. If the file is a program (*.exe extension) you start by running the program. For some applications this step will automatically unzip the files, for other applications this will automatically install the software.
  4. If there is a program setup.exe (or install.exe) run this program to install the software.
  5. If none of these steps work, go back to the download site and read the directions.

More Information

More detailed information about Plug-in's (about, downloading) is available from Netscape.
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