NMR with Mathcad

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Introduction to FT-NMR. This document shows the effect of sampling parameters (the dwell time and the number of data points) and the relaxation rate on the appearance of the FID and the spectrum. This demonstrates folding, digital resolution, and the spectral window. nmr_01.pdf nmr_01_6.mcd nmr_01.mcd
Quadrature Detection
Introduction to quadrature detection in NMR. This technique is used to distinguish frequencies above and below the spectrometer frequency. This improves the S/N, but may introduce artifacts. This document demonstrates how quadrature detection is performed, and shows the artifacts that result if the instrument is not properly tuned. nmr_02.pdf nmr_02_6.mcd nmr_02.mcd
Phase Cycling
Introduction to phase cycling for quadrature detection. The artifacts introduced in quadrature phase detection by non-ideal electronics are eliminated with phase cycling. This document demonstrates how this procedure is performed. nmr_03.pdf nmr_03_6.mcd nmr_03.mcd
Introduction to apodization functions used for NMR and zero filling. These functions are applied to the FID to improve the S/N and the resolution of the spectrum. This document provides an overview of the most common apodization functions. nmr_04.pdf nmr_04_6.mcd nmr_04.mcd
Lecture Version of NMR documents for displaying in class. Includes basics of documents I through IV. Uses large fonts and contains no explanatory text).. nmr_06.pdf nmr_06_6.mcd N.A.