Mathcad Documents for Teaching NMR


These Mathcad documents were originally prepared during the NMR Concepts workshops at the University of Rhode Island, July 1995. They were refined for teaching advanced spectroscopy. These documents introduce many of the major concepts in NMR data acquisition and data processing. Because they are interactive, students may change parameters and observe their effect on the FID and the spectrum.

The Mathcad (mcd) documents may be downloaded, loaded directly into Mathcad by configuring it as a helper application, or viewed with Mathbrowser, a free interactive browser for Mathcad documents. This allows you to change variables and observe their effect on the graphs of the FID and the spectra. In addition Replica (*.rpl) electronic documents are provided to show printouts of the documents. Additional information on helper applications.

Mathcad Documents for Teaching NMR Concepts.

  1. Introduction to NMR mcd (14k), pdf
  2. Introduction to Quadrature detection mcd (27k), pdf.
  3. Introduction to Phase Cycling (for quadrature detection) mcd (27k), pdf.
  4. Introduction to Apodization (for S/N and resolution enhancement) mcd (27k), pdf.
  5. Lecture Version, does not contain explanatory text. mcd (19k). , pdf.

The Fourier Transform with Mathcad

Mathcad documents showing how the Fourier Transform is implemented and how it extracts frequency information from a time domain signal.
  1. Introduction to the Fourier Transform. mcd (13k). , pdf.
  2. Fourier Transform with two signal frequencies. mcd (13k)., pdf.
  3. Fourier Transform with Real and Imaginary spectra. mcd (13k)., pdf.
  4. Fourier Transform with decaying signal. mcd (13k)., pdf.
  5. Lecture Version, does not contain explanatory text. mcd(27k). , pdf.

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