Spectra in Nuts File Format


The following Spectra are available from the Widener University FTP Site. This data was aquired on the Widener University QE-300 NMR by Dr Scott E. Van Bramer. They were processed with NUTS and saved as spectra. These files may be freely used for educational purposes provided that the original source is acknowledged. Many of these compounds are student samples, and they may include some impurities. These files are spectra in NUTS format. These files may be viewed with NUTS, or with MESTRe-C. The 2D version of NUTS is required for viewing the COSY and HETCOR data.

This data is also available as:

FID in Nuts format Spectra in JCAMP-DX Spectra in gif format


Experiment Ethanal 2-Methyl-1-Propanol Pamoic Acid
Proton NMR ea_01_01.spc ib_01_01.spc pa_01_01.spc
(selective homonuclear decoupling)
N.A. N.A. pa_11_02.spc (8.13 ppm)
pa_11_03.spc (7.88 ppm)
pa_11_04.spc (7.38 ppm)
pa_11_05.spc (7.22 ppm)
Carbon (decoupled) ea_02_01.spc ib_03_03.spc pa_02_01.spc
Carbon (coupled) N.A. ib_03_02.spc N.A.
Carbon (gated decoupling) N.A. ib_03_01.spc N.A.
Carbon (inverse gated decoupling) N.A. ib_03_04.spc N.A.
DEPT 45 N.A. ib_04_02.spc pa_04_02.spc
DEPT 90 N.A. ib_04_03.spc pa_04_03.spc
DEPT 135 N.A. ib_04_04.spc pa_04_04.spc
APT N.A. ib_10_01.spc N.A.
COSY ea_07_01.2d ib_07_02.2d N.A.
NOESY N.A. N.A. pa_08.2d
HETCOR N.A. ib_09_02.2d pa_09_01.2d
T1 Inversion Recovery
N.A. ib_05.2d pa_05.2d
T1 Inversion Recovery
N.A. ib_06.2d pa_06.2d

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