Chemical Safety: Protecting Ourselves And Our Environment;
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Barbara L. Foster is a Certified Chemical Hygiene Officer. She is the Department of Chemistry Safety Director and Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Safety Program Coordinator at West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV. Barbara has published numerous safety-related papers and has presented invited talks at other institutions and at ACS National meetings. She is active professionally as a Member of the ACS Joint Board-Council Committee on Chemical Safety and Secretary (2004-2006) of the ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety. Barbara serves on the Board of Editors for the journal "Chemical Health & Safety". Contact:

George Wahl, Jr. is professor of chemistry and chair of the Faculty at North Carolina State University. At NC State, he has served on a number of committees including the Chair of the University Safety Council and Chair of the University Teaching Effectiveness and Evaluation Committee. As Chair of the University Hazardous Materials Committee, he developed the university Safety Plan which resulted in over five hundred Chemical Hygiene Plans, specifically designed for the various laboratories at this large institution. Dr. Wahl has a variety of professional experience including working as a research chemist at Columbia-Southern Chemical Co., on-site consultant at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and at the US Environmental Protection Agency. He teaches workshops in chemical health and safety and is the author of many ACS publications in the area of health and safety. He is active in the ACS Council Committee on Chemical Safety and Division of Chemical Health and Safety. Dr. Wahl received his bachelors degree from Fordam College, and his masters and Ph. D. from New York University. He was a NIH postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University. Contact:

Jay Young is a chemistry safety and health consultant specializing in the safe manufacture, use, precautionary labeling, proper handling, and appropriate disposal of chemicals used in industry, the household, and the laboratory. He writes articles and books, organizes and participates as a contributor to conferences, seminars and symposia in these areas. He is an expert witness (for defense or plaintiff) in hundreds of product liability litigations involving chemicals. He is a consultant to industry and academe on matters involving chemical safety and health, in the workplace, in the laboratory, and in the environment. Newspaper reporters and TV news people in this country and abroad often call him to learn accurate and unbiased technical background information when there is a chemical spill or accident. Contact:

John Pingel is a Safety Program Coordinator at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, previously supervising the chemistry labs at Illinois. He contributed most of the vignettes and many other sections of text in "Prudent Practices" and is a primary author of "Science Safety Handbook for Illinois Schools". He is the principal lecturer in the Illinois "Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety" class and has presented papers at ACS and other meetings. He is active in the Local ACS Section and is a member of CSHEMA, AIHA and ASSE. Contact:

Dawn Lee is the laboratory manager and an adjunct instructor for the Department of Chemistry at SUNY College at Brockport. Dawn teaches a course called "Chemical Safety", and instructs labs for multiple lower level college chemistry and physics courses. She has a M.S. in chemistry from Rochester Institute of Technology and a B.S. from SUNY College at Brockport. Dawn serves as chair of the chemistry department s Safety Committee and sits on the campus Environmental, Health and Safety Management Committee. Contact:

Dr Mary Kirchoff is Assistant Director for Special Projects in the Education Division of the American Chemical Society. For the past three years, she served as Assistant Director of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute. She received her Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of New Hampshire and joined the Chemistry Department at Trinity College in Washington, DC following completion of her degree. Mary spent nine years at Trinity College, where she served as Chair of the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Chair of the Chemistry Department. She became involved with green chemistry when she received an AAAS Environmental Fellowship to work with the U.S. EPA's green chemistry program. She is a co-author with Paul Anastas and Paul Bickart on Designing Safer Polymers, co-editor with Mary Ann Ryan on the ACS' Greener Approaches to Undergraduate Chemistry Experiments, and co-editor with Kathryn Parent on the ACS' Going Green: Integrating Green Chemistry into the Curriculum. Contact:

Todd Houts is assistant director of environmental health and safety at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is head of the Hazardous Materials Management section which manages of all excess hazardous materials on campus including chemical, assists campus personnel with hazardous material transportation issues, and the monitoring program for helping users of hazardous materials comply with State and Federal regulations. Todd and Peter Ashbrook are co-authors of the "Laboratory Waste Minimization" column for the journal "Chemical Health and Safety". Contact:

Kathryn Benedict is the manager of laboratory safety and training at Pfizer Global Research and Development in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is currently serving on the Program Committee for the ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety. Contact:

Harry Elston is editor for the journal "Chemical Health and Safety", Chemical Hygiene Officer for the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety, and a safety consultant. He is active in the American Chemical Society. Contact:

Ralph Stuart is the Environmental Safety Program Manager for the University of Vermont. He has many publications and presentations on safety including using the internet to find safety information. He teaches a HAZWOPER (hazardous materials health and safety) course for environmental students. He is the co-creator of Vermont Safety Information Resources Inc. (SIRI) Web site at Ralph is the creator of the SAFETY listserver at the University of Vermont. Established in 1989, SAFETY is an electronic mailing list devoted to environmental and occupational health and safety issues. Contact:

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