First Semester Review Problem Set a

This problem set was developed by S.E. Van Bramer for Chemistry 146 at Widener University.

George Gobel, a professor at Purdue University, uses liquid oxygen to light his charcoal when he is in a hurry to grill some steaks. You can watch a video clip of this from George Gobel's Home Page, or a local copy of this file.

  1. Write a balanced chemical equation describing what happens when liquid oxygen is used to light charcoal.

  2. Write a lewis dot structure for each of the products.

  3. Determine the hybridization of each product.

  4. If 4 gallons of liquid oxygen (density 1142 kg m-3) are used to light 50 pounds of charcoal.
    1. Determine the limiting reagent
    2. Calculate the mass of all reactants and products when the reaction is complete
    3. Calculate the volume (at STP) of any gas formed by this reaction

  5. Calculate [delta]Hrxn for this process.

  6. Calculate the amount of heat released using the amounts given above.

  7. Calculate the amount of water, with an initial temperature of 10 °C, that may be brought to boiling with this amount of energy.

  8. Calculte the amount of water, with an initial temperature of 10 °C, that may be boiled with this amount of energy.

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