Problem Set

Problem Set #1, Descriptive statistics, comparison tests, z-score, q-test.

Problem Set #2, Calibration Curves, accuracy, precision, error propagation, and LOD.

Signal and Noise. Mathcad Document for modeling signal, noise, filtering, and signal averaging. Available as an interactive Mathcad document ( and as a Replica electronic document (sigavg.rpl) An early version of this document is available as a spreadsheet (sigavg.wk4).

Statistics document (17k). Mathcad document containing most of the statistics discussed in the handout.

Linear Regression. A Lotus 123 r4 worksheet for preparing calibration curves using linear regression. Also includes standard addition calculations.

LinDemo. A Lotus 123 r4 worksheet for calibration curves that includes calculations of the uncertainty in the regression. Courtesy of Dr. Linda Betz.

Statistc. A Lotus 123 r4 spreadsheet that shows the distribtuion of random numbers using a very large data set to compare sample and population statistics. The increased reliability of the mean and standard deviation for large sample sets, the difference between the sample (N-1) and population (N) standard deviation, and generating a random normal distribution.