Nomenclature of Simple Compounds-Names to Formulas

This is a basic exercise in nomenclature.
  • The user should refer to periodic tables or other sources for proper atomic symbols and formulas/charges of ions.
  • Capitalization must be done properly. 'fe' is incorrect.
  • Pressing "New Compound" will display a name to the right of the table.
  • Enter the formula of the compound in the answer cell. Do not worry about subscripting numbers (water would be H2O).
  • You can check that your formula is correct by pressing the "Preview" button. That will cause your proposed formula to be displayed below the name.
  • If you are satisfied with your formula,press "Check Answer".
  • If you miss a problem three times, pressing "Show Answer" will display the complete solution and you will no longer be able submit an answer for that problem.

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