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This page contains a collection of handouts, spreadsheets, programs, and Mathcad documents I have developed for teaching Instrumental Analysis (CHEM 366), and Advanced Spectroscopy (CHEM 465) at Widener University. For more resources see the course web pages. Many of the files here require helper applications, additional information is available.

Scientific Writing


An HTML document on common statistical tests used for analytical chemistry. Written as an easy to use guide. Includes descriptive statistics, comparison tests, error analysis, linear regression, S/N, and problem sets,


An introduction to Infrared Spectroscopy and greenhouse gases. A set of different greenhouse gases is selected to demonstrate how IR spectroscopy relates to molecular vibration. Includes spectra for HCl, CO2, and CH4 with animations of vibrational modes. Also a Mathcad document that demonstrates the instrumental parameters importat for FT-IR.

Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry Data (EI and CI) from Advanced Spectroscopy, A set of unknown mass spectra for interpretation, Links to other mass spectrometry resources, and a chapter on mass spectrometry.


NMR software used for teaching, Mathcad documents to model NMR data acquisition, NMR data from Advanced Spectroscopy, NMR spectra of unknowns, and links to NMR on the Web.


  • Introduction to Chromatography. (9k) Mathcad document demonstrates the relationship between retention, theoretical plates, and resolution. Shows simulated chromatogram and chromatographic calculations.

  • The Fourier Transform with Mathcad

    Mathcad documents showing how the Fourier Transform is implemented and how it extracts frequency information from a time domain signal.

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