Mathcad applications in Chemistry

This page contains links to Mathcad applications in chemistry. This includes links to other web pages, pointers to FTP sites, and Mathcad documents at Widener University. These documents are all supplied as is and no attempt has been made to evaluate submitted documents.

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Mathcad Documents at Widener

A collection of Mathcad documents used for teaching chemistry at Widener University. Topics include statistics, calibration, electronics, Fourier Transforms, FT-NMR, FT-IR, chromatography, kinetics and acid-base chemistry. These documents were written by

Mathcad Applications for Analytical Chemistry

F. James Holler, Mathcad Applications for Analytical Chemistry, Saunders: New York, 1994.

This book uses Mathcad to solve a wide variety of analytical chemistry problems. Written to accompany Analytical Chemistry by Skoog, West, and Holler. Includes: Basics, Statistical Analysis, Equilibrium, Titrations, Polyfunctional Acids and Bases, Complexometric Titrations, Electrochemistry, LeastSquares Analysis, Propogation of Error, Chromatography, and Curve Fitting. A great place to start for the analytical chemist.

Download zip file containing Mathcad documents from the book. Courtesy of Jim Holler. (53k)

MathCad for physical chemistry at WSU

This is a large collection of MathCad materials (along with some Excel spreadsheets) used to support Ron Poshusta's ( physical chemistry course at Washington State University. It is organized into subdirectories on individual topics such as gases, kinetics, crystallography, atomics, etc. Within each group is a problem.doc file (apparently MS Word format) containing problems from Barrow's textbook which have been adapted for use with these materials.

MathCad in Chemistry Calculations

A collection of Mathcad files for chemical computations maintained by Zoran Zdravkovski ( at the Institute of Chemistry in Skopje Macedonia.

Physical Chemistry Using Mathcad

Mathcad documents from the book Physical Chemistry Using Mathcad by Joseph H. Noggle at the University of Delaware.

Mathcad Instructional Documents for Physical Chemistry

Theresa Julia Zielinski . This site contains a large selection of Mathcad documents designed as problem sets for students in Physical Chemistry.

Sidney H. Young - Mathcad

This set of Mathcad documents was developed by Sidney Young to demonstrate how numerical techniques are used in chemistry.


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