NMR Spectroscopy, an Introduction

  1. NMR Signal
    1. Precessing Nuclei Demo (bicycle wheel)
    2. Time Domain Signal (Audio FID from Walter Bauer)

  2. NMR Data Acquisition
    1. Sampling Rate/Dwell Time (ft_01_06.mcd)
    2. Number of Data Points (ft_01_06.mcd)
    3. Number of Sweeps (sigavg.mcd)

  3. NMR Data Processing
    1. The Fourier Transform (ft_05_06.mcd)
    2. Baseline Correct (ib_01_01.fid)
    3. Phase Correct (ib_01_01.fid)
    4. Exponential Multiplication (ib_02_01.fid)
    5. Integration (ib_01_01.fid)
    6. How to Process Data

  4. NMR Interpretation

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