Mass Spectrometry Data at Widener

This page contains mass spectrometry data obtained at Widener University for Chem 465, Advanced Spectroscopy. This data was collected on a Finnigan 4000 quadrupole GC/MS using a Teknivent Vector/Two data acquisition system.

Electron Ionization Data

Chemical Ionization Data

Mass Spectra of Unknowns

An Introduction to Mass Spectrometry

  • This document is a chapter on mass spectrometry written for Instrumental Analysis. massspec.pdf (323k)

  • About This Data

    The spectra presented here are averaged with background subtraction. The peak table was saved as an ASCII text file. The spectra were graphed using Lotus 123, and saved as GIF files using WinGif. Spectra were also saved as JCAMP files which may be viewed with JCAMP-DX. You may configure JCAMP as a helper application for your browser then download the JCAMP files. The PDB file may be viewed using RasMol or any other PDB Viewer.

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