Fourier Transform with Mathcad

This set of documents has been consolidated, updated, reviewed, and published with The Journal of Chemical Education, JCE Internet. An Introduction to the Fourier Transform J. Chem. Educ. 1999 76 286.
Document Description Acrobat Mathcad 6.0 Mathcad 5.0/
The Fourier Transform, Lecture Notes This document is a set of lecture notes to introduce the Fourier Transform. Mathcad clearly displays all the mathematics and graphs of intermediate steps. This document is designed as a handout, but with Mathcad it is possible to change frequencies and phase to observe the effect. ft_notes.pdf N.A.
The Fourier Transform, Part I Introduces how the Fourier Transform identifies frequency components of a time domain signal. ft_01.pdf
The Fourier Transform, Part II Fourier Transform with two signal frequencies. This document shows how two frequency components add together and create a beat pattern. Then how the Fourier transform works with signals containing multiple frequencies. ft_02.pdf
The Fourier Transform, Part III Fourier Transform with Real and Imaginary spectra. This document shows how a combination of cosine (real) and sine (imaginary) waves describe the frequency and phase of the signal. ft_03.pdf
The Fourier Transform, Part IV Fourier transform with decaying signals. This document shows the effect of an exponential decay on a time domain waveform and on the frequency domain spectrum. ft_04.pdf
The Fourier Transform, Part V Lecture Version of Fourier transform documents for displaying in class. Includes basics of documents I through IV. Uses large fonts and contains no explanatory text. ft_05.pdf