NMR Data at Widener University

This page contains NMR data from the Widener University GE QE-300 that was aquired for Chemistry 465, Advanced Spectroscopy.

Data Files

  1. NMR Data and Interpretation
    1. ethyl aldehyde
    2. 2-methyl-1-propanol
    3. pamoic acid

  2. NMR of Known Compounds
    1. FID in NUTS format
    2. Processed spectra in NUTS format
    3. Processed spectra in GIF format

  3. NMR spectra of Unknown Compounds

  4. Notes on Data Processing.
    1. H-1 Data
    2. C-13 Data
    3. DEPT 45
    4. DEPT 90
    5. DEPT 135
    6. COSY
    7. HETCOR

Data Formats Used

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